When choosing a laundry machine, we should choose according to our own needs. Household washing machine or laundromat supplies or coin laundry washer generally need to be equipped with professional washer and dryer. Industrial washing machines are laundry machine for business, its productive process can be divided into multiple ones including water inlet, washing, drainage and dewatering. There are two kinds of large commercial washing machine today: one is semi-automatic industrial washing machine, and the other is fully automatic washing machine.
Semi-automatic washing machine is driven by the motor to drive the inner casing through the belt shifting, and rotates forward and backward under the action of the timing controller to drive the water and the clothes to move asynchronously, so that the water and the clothes rub against each other and rub to achieve the purpose of washing. This machine adopts a three-phase asynchronous motor or a speed regulating motor (dyeing machine) for running power.
Fully automatic washing machine eliminates the cumbersome working procedures of the ordinary washing machine and the dehydrator. You only need to place the clothes in the washing machine, set the washing, rinsing and dehydrating procedures. It also has a more convenient one-button operation. The fully automatic washing machine is ideal for washing fabrics such as cotton, wool, hemp, and synthetic fibers.
Structural features
The semi-automatic industrial washing machine adopts the horizontal roller type. The inner and outer cylinders of the industrial washing machine are made of high-quality stainless steel plates. It is flat and bright, corrosion-resistant, and has little wear and damage to the fabric, and the machine has a long service life.
Fully automatic large-scale washing machine adopts full computer LCD man-machine dialogue operation interface, Chinese display large screen with 30 different washing programs to choose from, which can meet any washing requirements, and fully realize
overflow barrier function. The fully automatic large-scale washing machine can be used for variable frequency stepless speed regulation to ensure stable operation of the machine and save 30% power compared with the traditional two-speed motor. With dual drain option configuration, recycle washing water to save water consumption.
Different laundry washing machine manufacturers may offer different laundromat washing machine price. Whether it be commercial coin washing machine or large capacity industrial washing machine, fully automatic washing machine with good commercial washer and dryer service is recommended.


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