Decoiler machine, a series of processing operations such as uncoiling, leveling and shearing of metal sheets.

The category of the decoiler machine:

The common decoiler machine on the market can be roughly divided into three categories according to their processing capacity: medium plate leveling, large sheet leveling and precise small leveling, which can basically meet all kinds of processing requirements.

Medium Plate decoiler machine
It is a special equipment for processing hot rolled coils, and its general processing capacity is 3 mm to 14 mm thick. Early medium plate leveling machine can only open hot rolled coils with a maximum width of 1500mm. With the introduction of wide hot rolled coils, the hot rolled leveling machine on various processing centers can generally open 2000 mm wide hot rolled coils. Some hot rolling levelers also have trimming function.

Sheet decoiler machine
Generally, cold rolled coils with thickness of 0.3 mm to 3.0 mm can be processed. Early sheet leveling machines can only process cold rolled coils with a maximum width of 1300 mm, but with the wide application of 1500 mm cold rolled coils, 1500 mm wide leveling machine quickly occupied the market. The processing ability of cold rolling leveling machine is mainly embodied in leveling, surface protection, stamping and so on.

Generally speaking, it refers to the decoiler machine which processes cold rolled coils with a maximum width of less than 800 mm, and the processing thickness is 0.3-3.0 mm. Like the large start-up of sheet metal, it mainly processes cold rolled coils with high requirements, especially for surface protection, which is generally higher. Its products are generally open sheet metal, widely used in stamping, precision cutting and so on.

This series of production lines are used to make different specifications of metal coils, through uncoiling, leveling, sizing and shearing, into the required length and width of flat sheets. They are suitable for processing cold rolled sheets, galvanized sheets, color coated sheets and stainless steel sheets.

This series of production lines are equipped with feeding trolley uncoiler feeding device traction leveller transition bridge rectifying device servo feeding shearing machine conveyor belt blanking stacking. The maximum running speed of this series of production lines is 120 meters per minute, and it can protect the sheet metal from flatness and scars. Feeding is driven by servo motor with high shearing accuracy. Double palletizing and discharging are efficient and fast.


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