Any normal duct manufacturer’s production line should have all the functions of the production product. For example, the production line of a mobile phone manufacturer must include: assembly line, inspection line, packaging line, and quality inspection line. From the assembly of one part to the qualification of the product requires different functional groups to complete. Therefore, a complete duct forming machine should have all the functions of the production duct.

The production process of the air duct is to prepare the board, then send the board into the equipment, adjust the initial part of the board, and then complete the production of the installation hole of the air duct; because the material needed for a duct is limited, all of this It is necessary to cut off the material automatically to avoid wastage; then it will be processed again into the next process; the production of the joint angle can be completed; and finally, the bending of the air duct will be formed.

Therefore, we can see that a complete duct forming machine should have the function of blanking; pressing function is mainly to adjust the plate; there are holes, chamfering and other functions, in order to avoid later drilling, so More convenient; cut off the function, so that the plate and the semi-finished product separation; transmission function, easy to enter the next process; the final is the mouth, forming function. This is a complete duct production line.

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