Food processing equipment, that is, food machinery, is the general term for all mechanical equipment that processes raw materials of food into finished or semi-finished products.
Food processing equipment can be divided into:
General food processing equipment: quick freezing equipment cleaning equipment drying equipment sterilization equipment filling equipment water treatment equipment sorting equipment extraction equipment heat exchange equipment transmission equipment
Special food processing equipment: leisure food equipment, vegetable processing equipment, fruit processing equipment, meat products processing equipment, baking equipment, aquatic products processing equipment, fruit and vegetable processing equipment, dairy products processing equipment, seasoning equipment, beverage processing equipment
Test equipment: measuring equipment
Packing equipment: packing machine sealing machine packing equipment labeling equipment filling equipment wrapping equipment
China’s food processing equipment started in the late 1970s, with an annual output of only 70 million yuan and more than 100 varieties of products. In the past five years, the food processing equipment industry has been developing at an average growth rate of 11% to 12% annually, higher than the growth rate of the national economy in the same period. The total sales volume increased from 15 billion yuan in 1994 to 30 billion yuan in 2000, and the product variety increased from 270 in 1994 to 3,700 in 2000.
The level of products has reached a new level, and the trend of scale, integration and automation has begun to appear. It can be said that China’s machinery production has met the basic domestic demand and started to export to southeast Asia and the third world country. For example, China’s total import and export volume in 2000 was $2.737 billion, of which the export volume was $1.29 billion, 22.2% higher than that in 1999. Among the exported machinery, food (milk, pastry, meat, fruit) processing machines, ovens, packaging, labeling machines, paper-plastic aluminum composite tank production equipment and other machinery exports more, food processing equipment such as sugar, brewing, beverage, liquid food filling machine and other equipment has begun to complete exports.


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