Every person for baking, a lot of tools equipment used with pil tool use is helpful for us, for a variety of products are using the tool is made, so the tool is very important for us, of course, their tool used to make food I think everyone is love! As for tools, I always emphasize: rather than lack, as needed. Baking at home is about fun, not about turning the kitchen equipment into a baking show. At best, when you’re sure you really want to make a certain kind of west point, buy the right mold. Of course, those who are fanatical about tools and moulds, take collecting as a hobby, as long as they get their hands on the students can get great satisfaction even if they don’t use it, that’s another issue.
So, for today’s article, I have two parts. The first part is the necessary kitchen equipment for baking, which are necessary for baking and can meet most of the normal requirements. The second part is baking preparation tools, which are also relatively common baking tools. You can purchase them according to your actual needs and interests, and purchase them according to your needs, so as to firmly refuse to idle and waste.
Part 1: Essential kitchen equipment for baking
The oven is a common and necessary kitchen equipment and is the main part of baking. To roast a delicious pastry, choosing a favorite oven is the first step.
Microwave ovens can not replace the oven, their heating principle is completely different. Not even a microwave with a barbecue.
The toaster is a small stove. It is a small and convenient kitchen equipment which is easy to use in both home and hotel. It is a special equipment for baking toast slices. It is available in two-piece, four-piece and six-piece models. Use it to make a toast with a slice of toast, or use a butter directly.
The western food stove is the most basic kitchen equipment in western countries. At present, the commonly used western food stove is a combination cooking equipment, which is composed of a combination of a stove eye, a grid furnace, a grid furnace, a fryer, an oven, an oven and the like.
Part2: Baking preparation tools

  1. Measuring spoons and kitchen scales
    There are absolutely no few tools for baking. West point and Chinese food are different, pay attention to quantity, the proportion of each ingredient must be accurate. For a more detailed introduction, please refer to the “conversion table of kitchen scales and measuring ladle materials and volume conversion table”.
  2. Baking pan, baking net, heat insulating handle
    Most bread, cookies and cakes need to be baked on a baking sheet. It’s better to have two baking sheets, which are easier to use on a daily basis (two baking sheets, like cookies, will prepare the second). The net can be used not only to roast chicken wings, meat skewers, but also as a bread, cake cooling rack. Heat insulated handle (or heat insulated gloves) to prevent burns while holding the baking sheet/net. These three tools are typically used when buying an oven.
  3. Manual egg beater and electric egg beater
    Use an egg beater to whip butter, eggs and light cream. Egg beaters are also used when some wet ingredients are mixed together.
    Electric egg beater is more convenient and labor-saving, and the whole egg beat method is very difficult, must use electric egg beater. But electric egg beaters are not suitable for all situations. For example, if you want to whisk a small amount of butter, or if you don’t need to whip it, you can use a manual whisk to blend eggs, sugar and oil. So both types of egg beater need to be equipped.


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