Machine Types
There are two main types of form Coffee powder packing machine: VERTICAL FORM FILL SEAL (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal (HFFS). The main difference is that VFFS machines perform their operations vertically (occupying less floor space but requiring additional height) and that HFFS machines do so horizontally (occupying more floor space of lesser height).
Coffee powder packing machine is by far the most popular and widely-used packaging machine type in the coffee industry. Here’s why:
Lower cost to entry
Ability to create simple and complex bag styles
Tried, tested, and proven technologies
Occupies a minimal amount of floor space
High speeds achievable
Operation & Speeds
Basically, a VFFS coffee packing machine uses a special former to create coffee bags from a large roll of packing film (called “roll stock”), fills the newly formed bags with coffee, and seals them shut. These actions take place very quickly and sometimes simultaneously at the rate of 30 to 300 bags per minute. Speeds are largely dependent on machine construction and your product. This is a very simplified explanation.
Discrete amounts of coffee are measured and dropped into the VFFS machine by fillers like multi-head scales or augers, sometimes provided by third-party vendors. These two parts are almost always ordered together and most packing equipment manufacturers offer a single-source option where they handle the quotation, ordering, and integration of all parts in a consistent system.
Coffee Packaging Applications
Stick Pack machines can accommodate ground coffee or instant / powdered coffee. Whole coffee beans are too big to pass through machine components
Recommendations for Coffee Packaging
If you have different sizes and types of sticks, you can order modification kits for different packages. Machines must be stopped and parts replaced when a different type or size of the bag is required. We often recommend dust control options such as suction nozzles and static elimination for coffee powder packaging. We recommend the VFFS feature included for the coffee industry, as they protect the moving parts of the sealing jaw against particles and accumulations that can affect the proper functioning. Another option we recommend for coffee packaging machines is the use of vacuum belts.
Normally, VFFS machines are equipped with friction pull belts, which use friction between the belt and roll stock to grip and transport the film through the system. However, when it comes to a dusty or oily product, such as coffee, the particles can hinder the process of gripping and reduce the life of the belts. For this reason, vacuum extraction belts, which use vacuum suction to grip the film during transport, are often recommended for coffee applications. Particulates will not impede film transport or cause undue belt wear when using vacuum suction.
Coffee Bag Types
VFFS machines can form different types of bags, the most popular in the coffee industry being:
PILLOW BAGS for fractional or single-serve packs
LOWER FLAT or Quad bags for retail sale or for bulk packs
BAG-IN-BAG style for small split packages sealed in a large outer wrap


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