Polaris Water Treatment Network News: Steel plant wastewater treatment is an important task in the construction of new rural areas in China. In order to improve the living environment in rural areas, various parts of the country are strengthening the collection, treatment and resource construction of sewage through the use of decentralized sewage treatment technologies. Today, we will analyze the difficulties encountered in the practical application of dispersive sewage treatment technology.

First of all, although China has gradually improved the relevant laws and regulations on sewage treatment, the Water Ten Policy and other policies provide policy support for sewage treatment. However, with the rapid development of China’s economy, the problem of water pollution has become increasingly serious. Many relevant laws and regulations have not been updated and improved in time, resulting in the failure of the existing relevant laws and regulations to meet the needs of modern sewage treatment. Establish and improve relevant laws and regulations. If the sewage discharge standards are clearly defined, the relevant law enforcement personnel can have laws to follow in the sewage prevention and control process, thereby improving the current status of water pollution.

Secondly, China’s management and evaluation mechanism for sewage treatment equipment is still not perfect, leading to some problems in the actual operation process. Therefore, when applying the dispersive sewage treatment technical standards, the region should adopt the corresponding decentralized sewage treatment technology and its operation management according to the local actual conditions, according to its water source production characteristics and geographical conditions, and scientifically formulate corresponding sewage according to the rural economic development. Emission Standards.

Then, China’s insufficient investment in sewage treatment equipment makes it difficult to carry out large-scale sewage treatment. All along, the capital investment in China’s sewage treatment equipment mainly depends on the county’s normal financial input, while the county-level public financial resources are insufficient, and most of them do not have the willingness to pay sewage treatment costs, resulting in “rebuilding and lightening of sewage treatment equipment”. Operation and management, etc., so that the sewage treatment effect is greatly reduced.

In the process of steel plant wastewater treatment, the centralized operation management mode and sewage pipe network construction method cannot be completely copied. Relevant departments should speed up the formulation of laws and regulations, such as construction, installation, maintenance management and overhaul related to decentralized wastewater treatment, and corresponding detailed standards.


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