The role of product industrial design in capturing the market and consolidating the market’s important position is obvious. More and more enterprise manufacturers regard industrial design as an effective way to improve the competitiveness of the product market. The same is true for the design of large-scale mechanical equipment. Domestic mechanical equipment manufacturers are constantly improving and perfecting the internal quality of the products. They are also committed to continuously improving and perfecting the appearance quality of the products, which not only makes the users use them smoothly, but also looks pleasing to the eye. Let’s share with you several successful large-scale mechanical equipment designs.

  1. The design of CNC cutting machine
    The design of this CNC cutting machine is neat and tidy. The surface shell is treated with special sheet metal processing. It is smooth and smooth, anti-impact, anti-oxidation, durable and durable. It gives a simple and modern, smooth, beautiful, safe and reliable sensory experience. Focusing on the optimization and innovation of equipment’s shape, structure, man-machine, etc., the product has been boldly optimized and innovated through humanized design, optimized equipment structure configuration, friendly man-machine interface, safe and simple equipment operation, and easy maintenance.
  2. Automatic winding machine design
    This fully automatic winding machine is designed with ergonomics and streamlined design. It is simple and beautiful and conforms to the aesthetics of the times. It adopts environmentally-friendly materials and fine craftsmanship. It minimizes the assembly error caused by the assembly and ensures the precise position and long-term use of each part. Robustness; unique hot air blowing system, modular design, visual window design, stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance; human-machine interface is simple and easy to understand, using microcomputer control system, can save multiple sets of data at the same time, with password storage function To prevent unrelated personnel from modifying the program, the operation is safe and easy.
  3. Six-sided drilling and milling machine design
    The design of the six-sided drilling and milling machine is user-friendly. The appearance is clean and intuitive, simple and novel, and the delicate surface treatment makes the product texture round and soft, adding the affinity of the product, giving people a more natural and modern appearance. Sensory experience. It adopts a new generation digital control system, which can perfectly interface with any production management software. The system integrates CAM software, can edit graphics and generate processing programs for sheets, support barcode scanning, automatically load processing graphic files and generate tools, and the performance is stable and reliable.
  4. Battery packaging machine design
    The design of the battery packaging machine is simple, the overall style of the equipment is reasonably cut, the components are perfectly matched, the whole is intuitive and unified, the generous and simple, giving a balanced, rigorous and reliable aesthetic. At the same time, the equipment is made of high-quality steel, the surface is treated by environmental protection plating and spraying, smooth and smooth, corrosion-resistant, not easy to rust, not only easy to clean and maintain the staff, but also improve the durability of the equipment, and improve the quality of the equipment. .
  5. Automatic edge banding machine design
    In terms of design, this automatic edge banding machine has a clean and intuitive design, unique sheet metal process, fine surface treatment, smooth and bright texture, giving a soft, simple, modern and beautiful feeling. Ergonomic design, the pursuit of detail, safer and easier to use. Exquisite LOGO design, strengthen the corporate brand image. Transparent window design, intuitive process visualization, safe and reliable, easy to maintain. The high-definition LCD screen, human-machine interface friends, precise control, intuitive and easy to operate.
    Of course, the outer casing of large-scale mechanical equipment is generally made of sheet metal, and the sheet metal parts have no specific structural requirements. Generally, they are designed according to the needs of the products. Under the premise of satisfying the functions of the products, the designed structural schemes are easy to process. Low cost and beautiful appearance.


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