In order to enhance the technological level of the industry and encourage innovation, the China Food Science and Technology Society continued its successful experience during the 19th China Convenience Food Conference. On August 8, 2019, the China Food Science and Technology Society organized relevant experts to 2018-2019. The equipment innovation products of the convenience food industry were reviewed.

In recent years, the rapid development of China’s convenience food industry has put forward very high requirements for the innovation of related supporting machinery and equipment. Experts pointed out that the mechanical equipment participating in the review this year is in line with the innovation in terms of innovation, in line with the automation of food processing equipment manufacturing. The development direction of intelligent and energy-reducing environmental protection has significant economic and social benefits and broad application prospects.

Trend 1: Interdisciplinary, cross-border integration and integration become a climate

Experts attending the meeting pointed out that the “1500 type noodle production line equipment” developed by Shandong Jiangsu Machinery Co., Ltd. in this year’s innovative products belongs to the integrated innovation of the whole production line of the noodle equipment, and is composed of machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprises, scientific research institutions, noodle companies, and other institutions. Innovative noodle automation production equipment through cross-disciplinary and cross-border integration.

It is understood that the water quantity of the equipment and surface can be automatically monitored, the temperature of the rolling shaft roller is automatically controlled, the moisture content of the surface floc is uniform, and the thickness of the surface strip can be adjusted in real-time; the upper and lower racks run smoothly, up to 22 rods per minute; drying on the noodle surface Innovative application of heat pump, recycling heat energy 36%, greatly saving energy, has significant energy saving and environmental protection advantages; equipment overall technology has reached the international leading level.

Trend 2: Increase efficiency and reduce consumption become the main innovation trend this year

In order to meet the fast-paced demand changes of downstream users and consumers, it presents a huge challenge. Some products this year have paid more attention to the technological innovation of the original equipment, and the synergy, consumption reduction and automation have become the key words of innovation.

For example, the double-row automatic filling and packaging machine of Chengdu Jingwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., through the integration of the original structure of the original single-row automatic filling and packaging machine, solves the problem of one-volume double-column simultaneous bag making and synchronous color mark tracking. Column smart bag packaging.

The participating experts believe that the equipment has increased the production capacity per unit area, and the energy consumption, management, and maintenance costs are reduced by about 50%, which has obvious advantages compared with the single-row automatic filling and packaging machine.

Another example is the portable gift box packing machine developed by Beijing Dasen Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., which is an integrated innovation. This equipment significantly improves production efficiency, saves labor costs by about 30%, and increases production efficiency by 75%.

In addition, the double-layer intelligent cutting machine of Qingdao Haikejia Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., which is matched with the 1500 type noodle production line equipment, can realize double-layer simultaneous cutting and single-layer independent cutting surface. The maximum cutting surface width is 1500mm, and the cut end surface is neat and without. The broken surface can automatically remove the remaining surface of the rod, and at the same time realize the automatic return of the surface rod to prevent secondary pollution caused by human contact. The operation is simple, one-button start, maintenance, and maintenance are not stopped, and the production efficiency can be increased by more than 30%.

Innovation trend three: new breakthroughs in automation equipment for the rice flour industry

The application of automated machinery and equipment in the rice flour industry was almost zero before, and this history was broken at this year’s jury. The fully-cured smart rice noodle drying system developed by Shengchangda Machinery (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. in May this year and the fully enclosed intelligent rice noodle drying system developed by China Academy of Agricultural Mechanization have laid the foundation for the future development of rice flour, a traditional food. basis.

The mature pulp noodle production line is integrated and innovatively designed and manufactured by the pulping and extrusion technology. It is suitable for the production of instant noodles, noodles, fans, and other products. The raw materials can be used in a wide range, such as wheat and rice. At the same time, it has the advantages of wet and dry production and can produce straight strips, nests, and other products. It can be boiled, foamed, and taste good when eaten.

The fully enclosed intelligent rice noodle drying system is combined with the modern rice flour drying process, and through various technological integration innovations, the rice flour is dried and dehydrated after passing through a plurality of relatively independent and closed drying chambers. The indoor temperature and humidity of each drying chamber are uniform and stable; the temperature error is ≤±1°C, the humidity error is ≤±5%, the system energy saving is more than 15%, and the product qualification rate is increased by 1%-2%, which has broad promotion prospects.

Innovation Trend 4: Continuous innovation

Experts attending the meeting pointed out that this year’s mechanical equipment innovation is more prominent in the enhancement of independent innovation capabilities, increasing the application of original innovative technology and independent core technology.

For example, Qingdao Haikejia Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained 6 national patents for its high-speed bionic dough mixer. Through the integration and innovation of the techniques such as hand-made kneading, vertical cross-folding and rolling, the preparation of the press surface and the kneading work of Shantou Industrial Co., Ltd. realizes the free setting of the number of calendering of the dough, which makes the texture of the dough piece more delicate and increases the dough piece. Whiteness, the gluten network is more tightly combined with the starch granules, and the dough sheet structure is uniform and stable; the output dough strip has the same width and uniform thickness and can be directly used for the next process without secondary finishing, and the production efficiency can be increased by 50%.


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