According to Indian government import data, the Indian laser market (except laser diodes) has increased from 13,000 in 2017-2018 to nearly 18,000 in 2018, which can be seen from the number of lasers sold last year.

However, an interesting fact is that from 2017-2018 to 2018-2019, the overall business volume of the Indian laser market (in terms of revenue) has fallen sharply. Obviously, despite the increase in the number of lasers sold, the overall business volume has declined, indicating that the price of lasers has fallen sharply by 25%-30%. For laser machines or systems (which are difficult to separate specific laser systems), the data indicates a 25-30% increase in business volume.

Industry power

The laser market is driven by industries such as automotive, heavy industry, infrastructure, electronics, consumer durables and railways. The automotive industry’s compound annual growth rate is about 10%. By 2026, the Indian automotive industry (including parts manufacturing) is expected to reach 1.616-1.81 trillion rupees ($2514-2828 billion). Therefore, the automotive industry is the main driving force for the development of the laser industry.

What needs to be mentioned here is that the Indian government is currently formulating an electric vehicle (EV) policy, Bharat Stage VI (BSVI) standards and safety supervision policies. It will take some time for the automotive industry to prepare for these changes, so the industry’s growth will temporarily slow down, but it will definitely pick up after a quarter. Automakers are beginning to prepare for these changes, especially for electric vehicle manufacturers. Maruti, India’s leading automaker, is building a battery plant in Sanand, Gujarat, India, and other companies will enter the electric car industry.

Laser applications in the automotive sector include cutting, soldering, marking, hardening, cladding and texturing, thus covering almost all major applications of lasers. Next, please follow the small series to discuss the various applications of Indian lasers in 2018.

Fiber laser cutting market growth

The 2D fiber laser cutting machine market is currently the fastest growing laser market in India. In 2018, the total number of cutting machines sold in the Indian market ranged from 800 to 1,000 units, almost double the sales in the previous year. The Indian laser market is dominated by Chinese manufacturers such as Hongshan Laser, Bond Laser, Han’s Laser, etc., as well as other distributors/distributors, including Laser Technologies Mumbai, etc., in addition to Han’s Laser and Golden Laser. In addition, there are 25-30 distributors selling Chinese cutting machines with offices in India.

Most of these machines use fiber lasers from IPG Photonics or fiber lasers from Chinese companies including Wuhan Ruike or Chuangxin Laser. International laser cutting machine suppliers TRUMPF, Amada and Bystronic have lowered their sales prices, but they are mainly focused on high-power lasers.

It is worth noting that India’s local machine integrators already account for a significant proportion (25-30%) of the Indian laser market, with Suresh Indu Laser taking the largest share, followed by Mehta CAD CAM, Sahajanand Laser Technology, Messer, Protec. and many more.

The fiber laser cutting market is expected to grow further in 2019, up about 50% from the previous growth. It is expected that the share of Indian integrators in the overall laser cutting market will also increase year by year.

Other laser processing technology market conditions

For the 3D cutting market, the opposite is true, as it is dominated by TRUMPF, Prima Industries and other European suppliers, with approximately 20 3D laser cutting machines in the overall market. Chinese manufacturers are not doing well in this area, so it will take time to catch up. Therefore, in the coming year, 3D laser cutting will grow, but the dominant position in Europe will still exist, but Chinese manufacturers will flood into this market, thus intensifying market competition.

It is expected that another pipe that will grow in the current year is the pipe cutting machine market. This segment has begun to recover due to the introduction of cost-effective Chinese pipe cutting solutions. From the 2019 Indian Mumbai Sheet Metal Processing and Machine Tool Show BLECH, the cutting machine exhibited by Han’s Laser, Huagong Laser and other manufacturers can be seen.

For integrators and machine builders, laser marking has been a lucrative market, and it has become a spot product, as the price of the complete 20 W laser marking machine has fallen below $2,000, and more than 100 dealers currently offer it. machine. The laser marking market is growing and will continue to grow in the future. 3D marking and blue laser marking are driving the market, but the price is still the focus of most customers. High-quality applications motivate users to prefer non-Chinese products, but this number is much lower than in the past.

Another new application is laser cleaning, an application that is being promoted by Chinese and local integrators. Once people understand the value and advantages of laser cleaning compared to traditional laser processes, the market will grow substantially. Price is a key factor in high-energy laser cleaning applications, as low-power lasers are primarily used for solutions such as mold cleaning, but once this price barrier is broken, this market segment will thrive like the laser marking machine market.

Sales of laser cladding and laser hardening are stable at 4-5 units per year, and the dominant players in the market include Laserline, TRUMPF and IPG Photonics. However, as the price of fiber lasers declines, the market will continue to grow.

In the laser welding market where laser welding systems are limited, the number of YAG lasers has surged to 50 (excluding jewelry welding). Among them, more than 505 YAG organs come from Chinese machine manufacturers, and the rest are from US and European suppliers, such as Alpha Laser and TRUMPF Group, American coherent company and Japan Corporation Amada (AMADA).

Source: OFweek Laser Network.


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