There are many brands of laser cutting machines on the market, so how to choose a good laser cutting machine?

  1. Pay attention to the function of the cutting machine. The engraving machine of the engraving machine has high power and low power. Some cutting machines are only suitable for the processing of materials such as double color plate, building model, small sign, and three-dimensional crafts. This process has been popular for a period of time, but its application scope is greatly affected by the low cutting power. The other is the cutting machine with high power cutting head. The cutting machine is divided into two types. One is the large width cutting machine, which is generally above one meter, but the precision of the cutting machine is generally poor; the other is the medium size cutting machine: this kind of engraving machine is generally used in fine processing and organic sign making.
  2. To understand the cutting machine motor performance and function. Cutting machine cutting head motor is also very critical and carving head motor is a long time continuous work, so if the cutting head motor is not good will affect the use of laser cutting machine.
  3. Moreover is the laser cutting head motor speed adjustable range. The general speed adjustable range is thousands of to 30,000 revolutions per minute, if the speed is not adjustable or the speed adjustable range is small, then explained that the cutting machine application scope is subjected to the very big restriction, because the cutting different material must use the different laser cutting head rotational speed.
  4. Cutting machine body manufacturing process: high power engraving machine to require the body must be precise and stable, so the platform to install rails must be horizontal milling. Laser installation platform is a small number of industry with large gantry milling machine processing, laser cutting machine precision and stability has been a rapid upgrade.
  5. The controller is generally divided into two categories. A class of controllers just do the drive, and all of its computing work is done by the computer, in the engraving machine when the computer is in a waiting state, cannot be typesetting work. Another type of controller using a single board or SCM control, the controller is actually a computer, so as long as the laser cutting machine began to work, the computer can be used to other typesetting work, especially for a long time to use laser cutting machine, this advantage is particularly obvious.
    No matter how well a laser cutting machine is done, users will encounter various problems in the process of using. When it comes to the problem that can’t be solved, it is particularly important for the enterprise to provide timely solutions, which is also an important factor for users to choose and purchase laser cutting machines.


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