With the improvement of Chinese consumption, the rise of industry of beauty and health, as well as the flourishing development of high-end beauty chain, electric beauty bed is becoming more and more popular because of its comfort, function diversity and convenience. Now let’s get to know about the electric beauty bed from our beauty machine factory.
In the structure, the electric beauty bed is based on the ordinary frame, including the bed rack, the mattress, the adjustment mechanism, the head pillow, the bendable armrest, the neck pillow and so on, but by adding the electric adjustment function which usually includes the adjustable backrest, Leg and face pillow rack set or other support adjustment functions. Bed racks usually have wooden or metal frames. Compared with the cold and hard metal bed, solid wood bed is more beautiful in shape, more diversified in style, and also more popular with the market and the users. The soft packing of the mattress is usually matched by hard and soft sponge, which ensures a certain comfort and also ensures the non-deformation and high resilience of the bed. Some new high-end electric beauty instrument brands began to use ultra-soft thick silk sponge and water cushion, which is more closely related to different body shape and can reduce the pressure of the guest joints and muscles, so that the body can be into a completely relaxed state. The fabrics are mainly made of leather materials, usually including the imitation leather, PU leather and super-fiber dermis and so on.
The electric beauty bed is usually installed between the two steel tubes of the X-shaped assembly with electric push rod, which can be raised and lowered by electricity, and can adjust the height and angle arbitrarily according to the need. The lower chute is equipped with adjustable foot and steering wheel, which can be switched to use, and adjust the position and angle of the bed with fixed arbitrarily function. In addition to the functions of electric lift and electric adjustment of the back and leg angle, some newly developed high-end electric beauty beds have also added electric kneading massage, electric vibration massage, music vibration massage, bed body heating and bed body luminescence and other functions.


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