Do you know how automatic weighing and packing machine works? Let’s first take a look at the brief introduction of automated packing machine.
Automatic packing machine or bagging machine, generally divided into semi-automatic bagging machine and automatic charting machine using automated packaging systems. Automatic weighing and packing machine is mainly used for materials in food, medicine, chemical industry and plant seeds. The material may be in the form of granules, tablets, liquids, powders, pastes, and the like. The automatic weighing and packing machine has the complete functions of automatically metering, filling, bag making, sealing, cutting, conveying, printing production batch number, increasing easy cutting, warning of no material, stirring and so on.
With the improvement of the degree of automation, the operation, maintenance and daily maintenance of the sealing machine are more convenient and simple, and the professional skill requirements of the operator are reduced. The quality of the product is directly related to the temperature system, the accuracy of the host speed, and the stability of the tracking system of the automated packing machine. When the powder sachet packaging machine or liquid pouch packing machine is running, the film mark sensor continuously detects the film mark (color mark), and the mechanical part of the tracking micro switch detects the position of the machine. The above two signals are sent to the PLC. After the program operation, the output of the PLC is Y6, and the Y12 (anti-chasing) control tracks the forward and reverse tracking of the motor. The errors in the production process of packaging materials are timely found and compensated and corrected accurately, which avoids the waste of packaging materials. If the technical requirements are not met after the predetermined number of tracking, the capping machine can be automatically stopped for inspection to avoid the generation of waste products. Due to the use of frequency conversion speed regulation, the chain transmission is greatly reduced, the stability and reliability of the filling machine operation are improved, and the operation is reduced. It ensures the high-tech, high-efficiency and high-tech level of the bag sealing machine with high-efficiency, low loss and automatic detection. Although the transmission system used in the automatic stick pack packaging has a relatively simple application function, it has high requirements on the dynamic performance of the transmission, and the system requires fast dynamic following performance and high and steady speed accuracy.


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