Most of the time it is not the quality of the product but our use to cause the malfunction. So instead of using out the beauty equipment early and sending it to repair, we should care more about them. After all, the beauty equipment is a sophisticated high-tech product, and the skin relies on maintenance, so does the beauty equipment. In order to give full play to its function and maximize its service life, let’s talk to you today about how to maintain it
First of all, because the beauty equipment is the high precision electronic product, therefore it must not be placed in the area with humidity and the direct sunlight, or the area that has the flammable and explosive object, in order to prevent the accident which causes the damage.
Second of all, beauty equipment surface must be kept as clean as possible, and it is best to use cloth or gauze cover to prevent key failure, blockage and other problems because of the dust accumulation. In addition, when cleaning the beauty equipment, it cannot be washed directly with water. You’d better wet a soft dishcloth with not too much water on it due to the fact that after all the beauty equipment as a power equipment, if the water dips in, it is very easy to burn out. For those accessories of it, according to the beauty equipment manufacturer, it must not be in contact with oily or corrosive cosmetics.
The last but not the least, and if you don’t use the beauty equipment for a long time, you can use a moisture-proof and dusty bag to protect it as a whole. At the same time, the best way is, every 15 days, let the beauty device power on for an hour in order to avoid the internal electronic device from being under moisture and becoming aging. All in all, you’d better read the instructions carefully before using it so as to avoid the wrong operation leading to the equipment scrapping. If there is a problem or something that you do not understand, do not disassemble it, but should contact the beauty equipment manufacturer for consultation.


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