Have you seen how the glass edge grinding machine work? Actually, few people know that.

The glass edger machine is one of the earliest and most used mechanical equipment in glass deep processing equipment. The main role is to flatten the glass and make some special shapes. The correct and reasonable use of the edger not only ensures normal production but also extends the life of the machine. Next, I will present the glass edge grinding machine for you.

Glass edge grinding machine is divided into single-arm special-shaped edge grinding machine, straight edge grinding machine, mold edge grinding machine.

The glass edge grinding machine is mainly suitable for the processing of furniture glass, architectural glass and craft glass. It is one of the earliest and most used cold processing equipment in glass machinery deep processing equipment. It is mainly used for the grinding and polishing of the flat glass bottom edge and chamfer. There are generally manual, digital display control, PLC computer control and other configurations. Reasonable operation, daily cleaning and lubrication maintenance can ensure the normal operation of the machine, prolong the service life of the machine and increase the processing output.

Glass edge grinding machine has three characteristics: First, the use of a single, can only grind all kinds of straight edge; Second, continuous grinding, high production efficiency; Third, the larger flat glass can be ground.

The conventional unilateral glass edge grinding machine is generally composed of a host (base + column + front and rear beams + grinding wheel water tank + motor + electric box, etc.), in and out of the material guide rail, glass support frame, floor tank. Different materials and motors can affect the accuracy and service life of the machine; for example, the base of an ordinary single-edged edging machine, the front and rear beams can increase the rigidity of the machine after being quenched, and the service life is generally 10-15 years.


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