NC servo feeder is an automation equipment which integrates digital, mechanical and pneumatic. It plays an important role in high-end stamping industry.

The advantage of the NC servo feeder:

  1. Suitable for feeding processing with different thickness and length of materials.
  2. Suitable for high-speed and long-size feeding, improve productivity and feeding accuracy.

The feature of the NC servo feeder:

  1. High-precision feeding: In view of the advent of high-tech industry, computer closed-circuit feedback control is used to ensure the accuracy within (+0.02mm).
  2. Stage feeder: 20 groups of different feeding lengths can be input, each group provides 999 stamping times to meet the processing and production of special products (selection).
  3. Humanized manual mode: Three suitable manual speeds can be input to make it easier for users to operate and precisely position the material into the die.
  4. Efficient loosening device: With the cam signal of punch press and simple material thickness adjustment, the loosening angle can be set quickly.
  5. The setting of feeding length: On the control panel, the feeding distance can be achieved by directly inputting the feeding length.
  6. Feeding mechanism: The roller adopts hollow type, light weight, small rotary inertia, HRC60 degree hard chromium plating surface hardness, wear resistance and long service life.
  7. Keyboard digital codes with feeding length and feeding speed can be set arbitrarily by the operator, which is fast and accurate. Feeding length can be from 0.1 mm to 9999.99 mm.
  8. Adopt mechanical relaxation method (accurate relaxation point), which can be used for a long time with zero failure.

The Structural description of the NC servo feeder:

  1. Using high-quality brushless servo motor drive, effectively shorten the distance adjustment and testing time.
  2. The use of high-sensitivity decoder makes the full touch screen display easy to operate, accurate feedback and higher feeding accuracy.
  3. The timing belt drive can eliminate gear clearance, little wear, no noise, no lubrication, safety and environmental protection.
  4. The motor’s built-in device can avoid damage during handling and handling.


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