Hairdressing equipment is a kind of beauty equipment, including hair dryer, hair-conditioning and scalp SPA instrument and so forth. As you may know, under work pressure or under the long-time outdoor situation or under a high-frequency swimming situation, the hair will be easy to turn yellow and break off. In these situations, hairdressing machine really matters if you want to have the smooth, black and thick hair.
First of all, the steam from the hairdressing equipment can penetrate into the hair root and use steam spray to moisturize and shape the head. After the steam permeates into the pores of the head, it can soften the oil dirt, residue and dirt accumulated in the pores, and can promote the microcirculation of the skin, and can accelerate the metabolism of the cells, and thus improve the hair quality. At the same time, hairdressing equipment can also form a protective layer outside the hair, protect it from damage, moisturize and nourish the hair, and make the hair dynamic and elastic. Second of all, a negative ion device is installed inside the fuselage of the hairdressing machine to produce a negative ion formed by the combination of oxygen molecules in the negatively charged air and tiny water molecules. After the negative ion is blown into the hair with positive charge due to the accumulation of static electricity, the moisture can be permeated into the hair at the same time as the hair is blown dry to produce moisturizing effect. It has certain nursing effect to hair, and can promote scalp blood circulation and so on. When combing hair with common comb, the hair has a lot of static electricity because of friction, which makes hair adsorb each other and not naturally perpendicular to each other, but negative ions can neutralize these static electricity so as to show the beauty of smooth hair drooping. The last but not the least, the hairdressing instrument heats water through a stainless steel heating tube to steam and evenly emits hot steam, which can heat the hair, expand the scaly surface of the hair and speed up the blood circulation of the hair roots. In this way, it restores the damaged hairs to make them healthy and smooth.


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