Glass grinding machine is often the main machine used in stained glass. These are important machines for many of us and therefore require proper maintenance and use to enable us to obtain a long service. This note is about the things you need to keep in mind about maintaining the grinder.
Glass grinders machine is a very handy tool. They consist mainly of a spinning diamond coated cylinder (the bit) extending over a grid surface that allows the glass to be quickly and accurately grind to the desired shape.
The water reservoir must be emptied daily after use. It is not advisable to have standing water in your grinder for some health reasons, avoiding unpleasant smells, and moving a grinder with water risks damaging the grinder’s motor and other equipment and materials in the studio. Even if you do not move your grinder, the water needs to be changed as often as the glass grit needs to be removed. Some people line their reservoir with aluminum foil to catch the grinding residue. This may not be possible on all grinders, but reduces the cleaning effort of the bottom particles of the reservoir. Be sure to clean your sponge (if the grinder uses one) when cleaning the reservoir. If you do not clean it regularly, it will become hard and stop bringing water to your grinding head.
Accumulated glass grit should be cleaned with a scraper or paper towel and thrown away with waste, not in a sink. The glass grain is relatively heavy and will become solid and block your drains. If you have a garden, the grain of glass is a good soil modifier, facilitating drainage. Glass particles accumulate and limit the flow of water to your grinding head. Clean all plastic eye protection with running water, as rubbing may scratch the surface. Make sure there is water in the tank before starting any grinding work, but do not overfill as excess water may get into the motor. Empty the reservoir daily. This prevents the water from producing a smell and allows you to remove glass residue around the grinding bit.
Care in Use: Lubrication
Water is the primary lubricant. It washes the grit from between the diamonds and keeps the head cool. It also cools the glass, of course.

You can buy a water additive it is often called a diamond coolant which is intended to provide a kind of lubrication for the diamonds. This may also extend the life of the bit.
Maintenance routine
A maintenance routine for your grinder is a practice that will reward you for a longer life for your grinder heads and the machine itself. A sample routine might be like the following:
Daily Routine:
• Empty water reservoir
• Clean out glass grit
• Clean eye shield
Weekly Routine:
• Inspect bit for wear. Adjust up or down or replace
• Check that the set screw is free from glass grit. Clean and re-fill with Vaseline
• Check that the head moves freely up and down on the shaft


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