Since the 21st century, with the continuous development of science and technology, industrial production level and the continuous improvement of people’s living conditions, the market increasingly needs a variety of mechanical products with good performance, reliable quality, low price, high efficiency and low energy consumption to determine product performance, quality, level, market competitiveness and economic benefits.

In order to win the market, we designed the coil feeder machine. From a small point of view, design is not a simple course. It requires our rational thinking and rich spatial imagination. We can further understand the process of mechanical principle course design through the design of the coil feeder machine, and lay a foundation for our future design courses.
Function and the use of the coil feeder machine
In order to meet different requirements for product length and width. The second rewinding of fresh-keeping film, winding film, stretching film, plating film, paper, non-woven fabric, etc. Replace previous manual work. The awkward situation of tedious and heavy work procedures, physical labor and shortage of labor before the reform and the reduction of unnecessary expenditure can improve work efficiency, so as to achieve the goal of reducing production costs for enterprises.

Characteristic of coil feeder machine
Replace previous manual rewinding. Effectively improve work efficiency, reduce and save labor and wages. It is an indispensable production equipment for enterprises to directly reduce production costs.

Sustainability: multi-project continuous rotation

High speed: (720 times per minute)

Generality: Regardless of material width and thickness, simply adjust the winder to match the supporting barrel to use simple structure, low economic and practical failure rate, easy maintenance.

Feeding accuracy: depending on the number of rotations and the length of feeding, the accuracy is usually 003mm.
1 Research status of this topic at home and abroad

In the production and research of our country and abroad, there are many ways of coiling, but there are some problems in these products. For example, the selection of motor power and speed, the existing coiler mostly uses gear transmission, and the reciprocating motion often causes gear wear and tear, resulting in increased mechanical maintenance, although the previous set of mechanisms.

Simply, easy to manufacture, unable to adjust the size of the drum, clamping and a series of detailed processing, such as coil

The inconsistent reciprocating rotating circumferential motion of the barrel and the left and right swing of the spindle cause uneven distribution of the products, which is easy to produce.

Raw laminated material, incorrect positioning, increasing waste rate, and unsafe use.


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