In recent years, with the diversified and personalized market demand, the variety of food products has been continuously enriched, and the requirements for food packaging have been continuously enhanced, including food packaging. Nowadays, under the rapid development of the packaging industry, multi-functional cartoning machines will also usher in good development opportunities, and packaging machinery and equipment manufacturers will further gain more business opportunities. At the same time, multi-functional packaging machines can also meet the needs of food diversification and individualized production.

It is understood that the multi-function cartoning machine is a kind of packaging machinery and equipment, which can automatically insert bottles, aluminum-plastic plates, and the instructions into the folding carton, and complete the action of the cover box, which is very suitable for the aluminum-plastic plate of food and medicine packaging. , round and shaped bottles and similar items. In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption, the market has increased the demand for diversified and personalized products. The multi-function cartoning machine has ushered in a good development opportunity with its advantages of high automation and fast packing speed.

Generally speaking, the multi-function cartoning machine can be used in a single line, and can also be connected with packaging machinery and other equipment to form a production line. According to one manufacturer, the speed of the multi-function cartoning machine can reach more than 500 boxes per minute, and the cartoning machine reserves a small box of about 2.0m, and stores about 800 small boxes. At present, the multi-function cartoning machine is mainly for the work of the upper box and realizes the process of sucking, transporting and loading the box. More importantly, the machine can meet the needs of the company’s diverse product packaging.

From eating to eating, consumers’ demand for food is becoming more diverse and individualized, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for food companies. Food production enterprises should use the new technology to make the table of the people richer on the basis of ensuring food safety on the premise of ensuring quality and safety. However, it should be noted that in the food packaging process, especially the cartoning process, the diversified product chain puts forward higher requirements for the cartoning process.

It is not difficult to find from the market that food packaging is varied, including aluminum-plastic panels, bottles, and similar items, as well as irregular round and shaped bottles. According to the staff, experienced employees are relatively fast and efficient, and the fastest record is less than 2 minutes. If the food sales season is approaching, especially for the products, some of the hot gift boxes will be intermittently out of stock. At this time, it is necessary to work overtime to ensure the market supply during the holiday season.

There is manufacturers feedback, in order to cater to the market, opened several new food production lines. In the beginning, the packaging process of each production line is mostly manual, the labor cost is high and the production efficiency is not high overall. Since the introduction of the multi-function cartoning machine, the factory has reduced the labor cost of the cartoning process.

Not only that, because the outer packaging of these production lines is irregular if the traditional packaging equipment is difficult to meet the needs of the food packaging process, and the multi-function cartoning machine is not restricted by the outer packaging of the product, the packaging quality is good.

Overall, most domestic enterprises still use imported multi-function cartoning machines, because the overall performance of domestic cartoning machines has yet to be further improved. In this regard, in order to independently develop more high-quality, high-performance cartoning machines, equipment manufacturers need to comprehensively consider systems, design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning to improve the market competitiveness of cartoning machines.


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