Due to the increase in globalization, it is very important to produce a good with high precision and high accuracy or reliability. Pipe bending machine is mostly used in the fabrication industry, generally using bending machine produce U-shape and V-shape, in the design of pipe bending machine use only two pulleys for the bending of pipe in a different angle. Due to the no of compost use the overall cost of the machine low. And machine portable type the weight of the machine is less than is very full portable this machine used to bend pipe into a curve or another curvature shape. The size of the machine is very convenient for portable work. In various fabrication works as well as in architectural work pipe are used in different ways. It is not an easy task to bend these pipes into an artistic form. Using a particular machine specially developed for bending of pipe help. Choosing component material is very important because it will affect the overall cost of the machine and product quality. With this in mind, the highest quality, lowest cost machine was designed. During the bending operation, the stress in the pipe concentrates on the curved area of the pipe. the bend section may be damaged during service in a particular case where significant validity and thickness version exist which are introduce during menacing process and operation time. Therefore, the acceptance of the pipe depends on the size and shape of the pipe. In the pipe bending process, the thickness of the pipe is changed. The acceptability of pipe bend is depending on magnitude and shape imperfection.
The square pipes of the material of mild steel are selected for the frame. The pipes are cut into the desired size by cutting machines. These are two identical plates between which the tube is supported to rest. It should be strong and rigid so as not to move during the bending process, causing any of the previously mentioned defects.
The Pipe bending machine is choosing to Mild steel and Steel material is for the part of the following reasons.

  1. Affordable cost.
  2. Easy to Machine.
  3. High strength materials can withstand the load.
  4. Long expected life durable.
  5. Easy availability of the material.

This machine is developed to study the automation in process of pipe bending machine industries, mainly preferable for small industries. The purpose of this project is listed below:
• To increase the accuracy of the product.
• To reduce time consumption.
• Less machine setup time is required.
• To produce curve and curvature shaped bend pipe.
• The pipe should be bent in 90 degrees.
• Pipe bent by using two pulleys.
The Reason to design a Bending machine for pipe bending is that there is no proper bending machine to bend a metal pipe for a small scale. The bending machine found in the market comes from a variety of types. There are bending machines such as press brake bending machines, roll bending machines, three rolls bending machines. Moreover, the design for the bending machine for pipe bending is to bend a metal pipe. It produces pipe metal bending with the desired degree of bending except 90 degrees. Other reasons and regarding the bending machine design, the bending machine in the market come with big size and the bending machine expansive.


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