Throughout the printing process, even high-brand carton digital presses can fail, inadvertently affecting the quality of printed products. Therefore, it is necessary for the user to know in advance the failure phenomena of the carton digital printing machine during the printing process and the corresponding solutions.

Ink bar phenomenon caused by printing pressure discomfort: The main culprit in generating such a fault is actually the sliding friction phenomenon in the printing process of carton printing press. The sliding friction phenomenon is derived from: First, the offset roller bearing is seriously worn. Secondly, the hard lining is adopted. The embossing process is caused by the serious wear of the roller gear and the distance between the center points of the roller, which causes the gear side gap to gradually become larger. When the roller is pressed, the gear can be vibrated and rubbed due to the inability to fit. Both of these situations can be solved by replacing the carton cylinder bearings and reducing the distance between the center points of the rollers.

Digital printing is simply printing without a plate. After computer design, the finished product is directly output. There are two popular solutions, inkjet printing and laser printing. The general inkjet printer can only use coated paper, mainly used to make photos. Or imitation printed products, the products and printing have a certain gap. Currently there is an improved inkjet printing technology is more popular, can print all the ordinary printing paper, the effect is very close to the printing, and can print special paper super thick The paper format can be opened, and the investment is only tens of thousands of yuan. It is a rookie product for short-run digital proofing.

The digital printing machine of laser printing technology is characterized by fast speed, ranging from 10-100 pages per minute, investment of tens of thousands to millions, paper for 300 grams, the format can only reach a3+, and the printing quality can be very beautiful. Of course, different models of different manufacturers will have different. In summary, most digital printing is done by two methods, such as large-format special paper cover, using improved inkjet printing, a large number of The inner pages and the like are quickly printed using a laser machine, and the organic combination of the two can allow digital printing to print a richer product.


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