China news agency, Beijing, August 8 (Reporter Yan Xiaohong)
China Machinery Industry Federation predicted on the 8th that in 2019, although the economic operation pressure of China’s machinery industry is large, the positive factors still exist. It is initially estimated that the overall economic operation will be relatively stable throughout the year, industrial added value will strive to reach about 6%, and operating income, total profit, and import and export trade will maintain moderate growth.
According to the China Machinery Industry Federation, due to the influence of the automobile industry this year, the economic operation of China’s machinery industry has been under certain pressure. Although the main indicators are still in a reasonable range, the severity of the situation is more than expected at the beginning of the year. In June, China’s machinery industry operating trend index was 98.24, which has been below the critical value for the fourth consecutive month, indicating that there is still downward pressure on the industry operates in the future.
At the same time, positive factors are also accumulating. With the promotion of deepening the potential of the domestic market, expanding the expansion of final consumption, stabilizing manufacturing investment, improving the industrial base capacity and the industrial chain level, etc., the economic operation environment of China’s machinery industry Will improve.
Therefore, for the development of the main sub-sectors of China’s machinery industry in the second half of the year, the following judgments are made:
As the largest sub-sector of the machinery industry, the automobile industry, driven by the promotion of automobile consumption policies, will gradually narrow the production and sales volume in the second half of the year, and the operation situation has improved.
As the second-largest sub-sector of the machinery industry, the electrical and electronic industry is unlikely to have a significant change in the production and sales of power generation equipment. However, the production and sales of power transmission and transformation products will be significantly improved by the relevant construction projects.
As the third-largest industry in the machinery industry, the petrochemical general equipment industry is operating well under the leadership of the petrochemical industry, and it is expected to maintain steady and rapid growth throughout the year.
The heavy mining industry mainly serves the energy and raw materials industries such as steel, coal, nonferrous metals and building materials. As the structural adjustment of these industries has achieved results and economic benefits have improved, investment demand has increased. The current orders for heavy enterprises are relatively sufficient. It is expected that the whole year will be stable in 2019. There is a rising operating situation.
The machine tool industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading, market demand is in a state of volatility, and enterprise development encounters great difficulties. Since the market demand has declined this year, there has been a decline in orders and delays in picking up users. It is expected that the downward trend will continue in the second half of the year.
After nearly two years of rapid growth in the construction machinery industry, the relevant indicators are at a high level but driven by the country’s increased infrastructure construction, it will still maintain a certain growth.
With the continuous improvement of the number of agricultural machinery in the agricultural machinery industry, the industry has been in a downturn in the past two years. However, the recent introduction of a series of policies to support agriculture and farmers, agricultural machinery purchase subsidies remain stable, and the overall policy environment is improving. It is expected that the agricultural machinery industry is expected to achieve micro growth in the second half of the year.


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