(I)The classification of environmental protection equipment
Environmentally friendly equipment refers to mechanical products, structures and systems that are manufactured and constructed by production units or building installation units to control environmental pollution and improve environmental quality. In China, environmental protection equipment can be divided into the following three categories: special equipment for environmental protection, special instruments for environmental monitoring and special chemical materials for environmental pollution treatment.

(II) The characteristics of environmental protection equipment

  1. The environmental protection equipment product system is huge
    Due to the diversity of types and forms of environmental pollutants, in order to meet the needs of various wastewater, waste gas, solid waste and noise, and radiation pollution, the environmental protection equipment dust filter cartridge system have formed a huge product system, with thousands of varieties, Tens of thousands of specifications. Most products have large structural differences, strong specificity, and difficulty in standardization, making it difficult to form mass production.
  2. Strong matching between environmental protection equipment and technology
    Due to different pollution sources, there are large differences in the composition, state and amount of pollutants. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the field data to carry out special process design and adopt the most economical and reasonable process methods and equipment, otherwise, it is difficult to achieve the intended purpose.
  3. The equipment working conditions vary greatly
    Due to the different specific conditions of various pollution sources, the working conditions of environmental protection equipment in pollution sources are quite different. A considerable number of equipments operate continuously in outdoor, wet conditions, requiring equipment with good working stability and a reliable control system. Some equipments operate under conditions of high temperature, strong corrosion, heavy wear, and high load. The equipment is required to have high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear-resistance and high strength.
  4. Environmental protection equipment has duality
    Some environmental protection equipment is similar in structure to mechanical equipment in other industries, and they have mutual use, that is, environmental protection equipment can be applied to other industries, and related machinery and equipment in other industries can also be applied to environmental pollution control. Such devices are also known as general-purpose devices.

(III) The development stage of environmental protection equipment manufacturing
There are usually two stages in the development of environmentally friendly equipment.
From the current development format, the first is the transition from environmental management auxiliary operations to the whole process of industrial chain development. The landmark event is the advancement of the environmental protection equipment industry, especially the pursuit of fine and efficient treatment effects, and the realization of environmental protection equipment. The full-scale application of the supply side to the demand side, including the composite project, the subdivision of the field of “spreading everywhere.”
On the other hand, it is a transition from simple manufacturing applications to comprehensive intelligence. The iconic events are the mature applications of Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data in environmental governance, and equipment manufacturing. It can be said that in addition to the well-known technological innovation to improve governance efficiency, current environmental protection equipment will play an increasingly important role in reshaping environmentally friendly brands, innovative governance models, and rich service methods.

(IV) Analysis of environmental protection equipment enterprises

  1. Competitive landscape
    At present, China’s environmental protection equipment industry is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises, accounting for more than 70% of the total number of enterprises in the industry, and the number of large and medium-sized enterprises accounted for less than 30%. At the same time, with the continuous increase of national policies, the environmental protection equipment industry is increasingly favored by the market. More and more enterprises are entering this industry. In the future, the number of enterprises in the environmental protection equipment industry will continue to rise, and competition among enterprises will become increasingly fierce.

(V) Problems in the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry
Although China’s environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry is developing well, there are still some problems.
First of all, the industry leader is not obvious, and the overall situation is “small, scattered, chaotic”. According to the annual report of environmental protection equipment enterprises, most of the revenues do not exceed 100 million. The top ten enterprises have a share of the entire environmental protection market of no more than 5%, both in terms of scale and reputation, and water treatment enterprises.
Second, core technology is key. Independent innovation and technology research and development still need to be improved. The research and development conditions are poor, the experience is lacking, the team is not strong, and some key equipment and core components are subject to people, which is a key factor that restricts the development of the environmental protection equipment industry.

(VI) The development trend of environmental protection equipment
Environmental protection equipment will move from low carbonization to smarter, and environmental protection equipment manufacturing will also develop more rapidly.

First of all, driven by the extension of the extension field, some intelligent equipment matching and intelligent monitoring are expected to gain more market space; secondly, the self-evolution of the industrial dimension including environmental protection hardware, environmental management and other environmental protection industries; in addition, the intelligentization of environmental protection equipment is more Significantly, for example, environmental monitoring has begun to be applied to drone equipment. Comprehensive intelligence requires collaborative innovation, including cost reduction and equipment efficiency, and more precise industry chain synergies.
It is believed that under the background of environmental protection equipment manufacturing becoming a national development strategy, more industries will be integrated into the green system construction, and traditional manufacturing enterprises are expected to gradually build the supply chain model with the above downstream industrial chain as the core.


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